Dreams are the seedlings of realities — James Allen

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The DRI promotes research into the relationship of dreams to physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. The intention of the DRI is to explore the effectiveness of dreams in therapeutic work and psycho-spiritual transformation. We support research into dreams from the spiritual perspective and also the use of dreams in research.

Has the coronavirus pandemic affected your dreams?

Share your dreams and contribute to research.

Have you noticed your dreams changing in response to the coronavirus pandemic? Whether you have dreamed of the pandemic itself, had premonitions of it or reactions to it, or if you feel that the content of your dreams has changed because of it, you can help us understand the connections between collective events and personal dreams. Submit your dream via our online survey.

Dreaming Autoimmunity

The DRI is overseeing an NHS-approved study. This research examines how the exploration of dreams can support the emotional wellbeing of patients suffering from autoimmune disease.

Patients suffering from autoimmune diseases have long been known to go through a significant emotional and psychological distress during the development of their disease. Although not properly documented, evidence suggests that autoimmune patients often experience vivid dreams but seldom share this highly charged emotional material with others (including their GP or clinicians).

The aim of this project is to improve the quality of life for these patients by giving them the opportunity to share and explore their dreams.

More about our Dreaming-autoimmunity Project

Spiritual or Religious Experiences in Dreams?

Another area of current research is an exploration of the relationship of dreams to wellbeing in therapeutic practice. This research uses standardised mental wellbeing scales measures of attitudes about dream to see whether working with the Waking Dream Process in a therapeutic setting leads to changes in psychospiritual wellbeing.

The DRI is also involved in collecting data for a study of dream states, spiritual experience and mental health.

In conjunction with the Alister Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre (RERC), the DRI is currently collecting accounts of people’s spiritual or religious experiences in dreams. If you have ever had a spiritual or religious experience in a dream, and are 18 years or older, you are invited to take part in our ‘Dream States, Spirituality and Wellbeing’ research project. Click here to take part in the survey.

We are also collecting data for a lucid dreaming experiment looking at the personal and therapeutic significance of directional movements in lucid dreaming.

Join us at the International Association for the Study of Dreams’ 37th Annual International Dream Conference

June 13-17, 2020
Scotsdale, Arizona

At previous IASD conferences, dreamworkers and researchers from DRI/CCPE have taken part in the following presentations and workshops:

    • A brief summary of ongoing research on the impact of the Waking Dream Process on psychospiritual wellbeing, by David Billington. This included the methods used to measure changes in mental wellbeing and attitudes toward dreaming
    • An examination of methods of structured inquiry into personal dream experience by Judy Pascoe, illustrated by the heuristic research that led to the development of her “Drawing from the Night” workshop
  • Dwight Turner’s alchemical exploration of the dreams of the Other and the route they provide towards psychological reintegration. This presentation is part of Dwight’s doctoral research into the unconscious experience of being the Other, which we all experience at various times in our life because of our sexuality, gender, or culture.
  • Professor Fulvio D’Acquisto presented the methods and preliminary findings from his ongoing study into the dreams of people suffering from autoimmune diseases and the effectiveness of dreamwork, particularly the Waking Dream Process, on their quality of life
  • Lucidity Symposium on ‘Luminescence in Dreams’ with Nigel Hamilton, Robert Waggoner, and Melinda Powell, née Ziemer
  • A Lucidity Symposium on the ‘The Personal and Therapeutic Significance of Moving and Interacting within the Space of the Lucid Dream’ with Nigel Hamilton and Robert Waggoner.