Next offered from January 2022 – online only.

Essentials of Lucid Dreaming

This one-year course is intended for those who are interested in the phenomena of developing awareness in dreams from the spiritual perspective. Applications are open to qualified psychotherapists; people who have finished the taught portion of the CCPE Diploma (or equivalent) will be considered on recommendation from their year tutor and/or the Director of Professional and Academic Studies.

Participants may or may not have experienced dream lucidity themselves but will have had experience of working therapeutically with dreams. Those who would like to explore spiritual dreaming, both theoretically and experientially, will find this course particularly suited to their needs, as will those who wish to integrate dream lucidity into their professional and personal development.

Facilitator: Melinda Powell

Advanced Lucid Dreaming

This one-year Advanced Lucid Dreaming course is for those who have completed Essentials of Lucid Dreaming. The course furthers participants’ understanding of lucid dreaming from the spiritual perspective. The Essentials of Lucid Dreaming course is prerequisite for the Advanced course.

Facilitator: Melinda Powell

Application Process

Please note:

  • This course will be offered only online
  • The course needs a minimum of 4 people to run. Maximum enrolment is 6 people.
  • Applications are open to qualified psychotherapists; people who have finished the taught portion of the CCPE Diploma (or equivalent) will be considered on recommendation from their year tutor and/or the Director of Professional and Academic Studies.
  • A certificate from a Dreamwork course is not pre-requisite for the Essentials of Lucid Dreaming course.
  • However, the Essentials of Lucid Dreaming Certificate is pre-requisite to the Advanced Lucid Dreaming Course.
  • To apply, send a brief CV focused on related psychotherapeutic and personal development and training, and a brief cover letter/email detailing your interest in the course. You will also be asked to complete a CCPE/DRI application form. An online Zoom interview is required to determine suitability for the course (for a £50 non-refundable fee).
  • The application process and interview must be completed by November 30th.
  • On acceptance and to retain your place on the course, a £200.00 non-refundable deposit is required.
  • Contact: [email protected] and cc: [email protected]


The course starts in January 2022 and will run for 28 weekly sessions, spread over 3 terms of 6-11 weeks each. The days and times will be confirmed later this year. Provisionally, the course will be on either a Tuesday or Wednesday from 4:30 – 5:50.

  • Term I: Wednesday 19th January – Wednesday 30th March
  • Term II: Wednesday 27 April – Wednesday 25th May
  • Term III: Wednesday 7th Sept – Wednesday 11 November

Course Fees

£50 Online Interview Fee (non-refundable) and £1800 (including £200 deposit)


Certificate in Essentials of Lucid Dreaming (online) or Advanced Dreamwork (online). You must complete Essentials of Dreamwork in order to move on to Advanced Dreamwork.


The Essentials of Dreamwork Online provides 1.5 CPD hours per group session attended.

Lucid Dreaming Certificate courses under the auspices of CCPE’s Dream Research Institute


The purpose of the Essentials and Advanced Lucid Dreaming Courses is to train participants to use the spiritual perspective in their understanding, practice and therapeutic application of dream lucidity/lucid dreaming.

The development of reflective awareness in dreams has a long history within Wisdom Traditions. For example, Tibetan Buddhism, with its highly developed practice of Dream Yoga, has been foregrounded in popular conceptualisations of lucid dreaming. Yet it is notable that the Abrahamic traditions, including esoteric Judaism, Christianity and Islam have also explored the revelatory aspects of reflective dreaming for spiritual purposes. Across these traditions and within Transpersonal psychology, the aim of surrender to the Transpersonal Will or the Divine has served as a common denominator.

The Lucid Dreaming courses will allow participants to explore the connections between lucid dreaming and psycho-spiritual transformation, especially as developed through the practice of Lucid Surrender. ‘Surrender’ as used in this context refers to the development of attentiveness and receptivity in the lucid state. It is entered into voluntarily, with a degree of conscious awareness, and may lead to full lucidity as well as the experience of profound psycho-spiritual transformation.

As Carl Jung observed ‘…in as much as you attain an experience of the numinous you are released from the curse of pathology.’ The clearer, more lucid, our dreams become, the more we can withdraw our subjective projections from the dream imagery. As a result, we may directly apprehend the numinous, spiritual qualities of the Transpersonal sphere and, in turn, integrate these qualities in our waking lives.

Curriculum Topics

Essentials of Lucid Dreaming: This one-year course gives participants an opportunity to explore dream lucidity as a scientific phenomenon and spiritual practice both theoretically and experientially. Along with developing dream lucidity, the course will focus on psycho-spiritual development and healing as it unfolds alchemically in lucidity, therapeutic practice and lucid living.

Generally, each session begins with a meditation and check in, followed by teachings, along with dream sharing and guided dreamwork. The course design draws on five integrated components that combine theory and practice.

Dream Lucidity, Healing, and Consciousness

An exploration into the lucid state and the therapeutic applications of lucidity, particularly dealing with projections, transference, and our fears.

The Relationship Between Alchemy and Dream Lucidity

An overview of the connection between alchemy and the ways in which alchemical processes and stages can manifest in dream lucidity both in terms imagery and psychology.

Lucid Dream Landscapes

A guided journey into the dreamscapes of spiritual lucid dreaming, moving from form to formlessness.

The Nature of Light and Colour in Dreams

A theoretical and practical introduction into the nature of light, including black light of the ‘void’, manifested in lucidity.Developing Dream Lucidity: Practice.

The Waking Dream in Practice

Supervised use of the Waking Dream Process as well as Creative Imagination to facilitate lucidity in dreams, therapeutic practice and waking life.

Entry Requirements


  • Access to Zoom in a private setting
  • Completion of a psychotherapy training course equivalent to the CCPE Diploma. (Applicants who have completed the taught portion of the Diploma and are nearly finished the course work and hours will be considered on the recommendation of their year tutor and/or the Director of Professional and Academic Studies.
  • Be interested in the phenomena of dream lucidity 
  • Have an interest in Transpersonal Psychology
  • Keen to explore spiritual dreaming theory and practice
  • Have prior or current experience of personal therapy
  • Be willing to fully participate in experiential group learning online
  • Be self-reflective and receptive to constructive feedback
  • Take active responsibility for your own learning
  • Attend an interview with the course leader online
  • If requested, a letter of recommendation and/or certificates from prior training
  • Completion of the Essentials of Dreamwork course is required for the Advanced Lucid Dreaming Course)


  • Experience of group work in the context of therapy, personal development, or spiritual growth
  • Continuing or previous experience of spiritual/meditative practice
  • Regular dream recall
  • Some understanding of dream lucidity (currently being a lucid dreamer is not a requirement for this course).

About the Facilitator

Melinda Powell is author of The Hidden Lives of Dreams (Bonnier Books UK, 2020) and Lucid Surrender: The Alchemy of Awakening in Lucid Dreaming (in press). She co-founded the Dream Research Institute at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, London to promote research into the relationship between dreams and wellbeing. She has served as past vice-president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and as director of HELP Counselling Centre, London. Melinda works as a psychotherapist and teaches on the subject of dreams and dream lucidity.


If you would like to register for the course, please contact [email protected] and Melinda Powell at [email protected] to arrange for an interview (via Zoom video link). The non-refundable fee for the interview is £50. Completed applications must be submitted by 30 November 2020.

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