Stuck at home?

Use this time well and join our at-home dream incubation sleep retreat and find your healing dream.

29-31 May, 2020 – on-line and at home

Join us (virtually) for an exciting dream research retreat weekend of radical ritual when we will explore the power of using the ancient dream incubation techniques for healing.

Combining elements of webinar and solo retreat at home, retreat guide Laura Payne will introduce you to the ancient rituals of the Asklepion dream practices so you can experiment with incubating your own healing dream.

We will experience healing through the creative imagination and have a deeper understanding of how our souls in dream state connect our bodies to the flow of healing imagery.

Tickets and more information at Eventbrite.

A New Book for a World in Need of Dreams 

The Hidden Lives of Dreams: What They Can Tell Us and How They Can Change Our World

By Melinda Powell, DRI Co-founder

Amidst a global pandemic, The Hidden Lives of Dreams offers readers the opportunity to explore how,  in such nightmarish times, our dreams can help us face our nocturnal and waking-world fears and choose how best to live.

The pandemic compels us to leave behind ways of being that no longer serve us individually or as a global community.  Such a nightmare scenario urgently calls upon us to develop the courage needed to engage with and overcome our fears.

Global crises ask us to consider the great questions of life: What matters most to us? How do we remain compassionate under duress? How might we feel, live and love more fully, less fearfully? Every night, as we surrender to sleep and dreams, we have a renewed chance to respond to these questions. By becoming attentive to our dream life, we become more aware of the limited view that we hold about ourselves and the world around us, opening the way to a more empathetic and expansive understanding of ourselves and others.

This book speaks to a world in need of dreams. Take it with you into the stillness imposed by the pandemic and you will re-emerge more attentive to the countless ways our dreams can help bring healing to each of us,  to humanity as a whole, and to the earth.


Has the coronavirus pandemic affected your dreams?

Share your dreams and contribute to research.

Have you noticed your dreams changing in response to the coronavirus pandemic? Whether you have dreamed of the pandemic itself, had premonitions of it or reactions to it, or if you feel that the content of your dreams has changed because of it, you can help us understand the connections between collective events and personal dreams. Submit your dream via our online survey.

IASD European Regional Conference, Vilnius, Lithuania

The 6th IASD European Regional Conference which was to be held on April 25-26, 2020 in Vilnius, Lithuania, has now been postponed until the autumn.

Please visit the website for more details:

IASD Annual Conference

The IASD 37th Annual conference at Scotsdale, Arizona has now been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The next annual conference will be in June 2021.

DRI Research Project – Request for Dreams!

In conjunction with the Alister Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre (RERC), the DRI is collecting accounts of people’s spiritual or religious experiences in dreams. If you have ever had a spiritual or religious experience in a dream, and are 18 years or older,  you are invited to take part in our ‘Dream States, Spirituality and Wellbeing’ research project. Click  here to take part in the survey.

2019: Dream Research Anthology 

This two-volume set, edited by Bob Hoss, Robert Gongloff and Katja Valli, examines dreams and dreaming from a variety of angles—biological, psychological, and sociocultural—in order to provide readers with a holistic introduction to this fascinating subject.

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of the physiology, psychology, and cultural contexts of dreaming
  • Explores both dream theory and the practical applications of dreamwork in everyday life
  • Features contributions by more than 75 authors, all recognized experts in their fields
  • Offers readers suggestions for further reading and additional study in an extensive bibliography

Nigel Hamilton has contributed a piece on “Psychospiritual Transformation: Light, Colour and Symmetry” and Melinda Powell on “Metaphoric Presence in Dreams” based on a study of dreams in the Alister Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre archive. Dave Billington’s MA paper “Client Experience of the Waking Dream Process” was cited in a chapter on “Clinical Application of Dreamwork”