DRI Events, CPD & Dream Request

Friday, 21 Sept., 2018, 12:00 – 2:00 

(CPD) Lucid Surrender & the Alchemical Coniunctio

This participatory presentation is intended for those who are interested in the phenomena of lucid dreaming from the spiritual perspective. What happens when the lucid dreamer surrenders to the Transpersonal in a dream and relinquishes control over the dreaming process? ‘Surrender’ as used in this context refers to the alignment, within the dream, of personal will with the Transpersonal – the practice of ‘Lucid Surrender’™. It is entered into voluntarily – with a degree of conscious awareness – and may lead to the full lucid state. The presentation will include meditations and reflective work as well as a review of lucid dream alchemy.

Tickets via Eventbrite: https://coniunctio.eventbrite.co.uk

Contact [email protected] for more information.


Friday, 12 Oct., 2018, 11:00 – 16:00

(CPD) Dreams to Reality II: On Research into Dreams & Using Dreams in Research 

 DRI invites you to a symposium on recent and ongoing research into dreams and the use of dreams in research from a transpersonal perspective. 

The event will consist of six short presentations that discuss the challenges of transpersonal dreamwork, the methods that can be used, and the findings which emerge.

CPD certificates will be provided.

Registration from 10:30am.

Tickets via Eventbrite: https://dreamsymposium.eventbrite.co.uk

Contact: [email protected] for more information.

Sessions & Presenters

Introductions & Closing – Melinda Powell

Morning session: Using Dreams in Research

Dwight Turner, ‘Born Again: Alchemy and the Dreams of the Other’ – an exploration of the dreams of the Other and the Route they Provide towards Psychological Reintegration.

Debra Deaville, ‘The Wisdom of Dreams: Illustrating how recording and working with dreams can guide and facilitate an alchemical research process’ – an experiential perspective on the value of working with dreams as part of a research process

Judy Pascoe, ‘Drawing Dreams’ – An examination of methods of structured inquiry into personal dream experience.

Afternoon Session: Research into Dreams

Dave Billington, ‘But does it work?’ – a brief summary of ongoing research on measuring the impact of the Waking Dream Process on psycho-spiritual wellbeing

Marlene Botha, Title to be confirmed.

Nigel Hamilton, ‘The Personal and Therapeutic Significance of Directional Movement within the Space of the Lucid Dream’ – an introduction to the personal and therapeutic significance of direction movement within the space of a lucid dream.

Winter 2018/19 – Dreamwork weekend (date TBC)

– Make-up weekend for CCPE students –
– CPD certificates available for qualified therapists –
– Open to anyone interested in dreams and dreamwork –

In this experiential workshop you will learn methods of understanding and
working with your dreams from holistic psychotherapeutic and spiritual
perspectives. Explore what your dreams might be telling you about yourself, your life and your journey.

Using your own dreams, you will be introduced to a range of associative,
analytical, metaphoric, and mythic perspectives, as well as the Waking Dream
Process and the Alchemical model of transformation. There will be opportunities to witness, experience, and/or work with the Waking Dream Technique.

This workshop has now been postponed until after the November term. Email [email protected] for more information and to have a say on the date.

SAVE THE DATE! Friday, 07 Dec. 2018

Celebrate CCPE’s 34 years of charitable mental health outreach

Friday evening, 07 December, 2018! CCPE is hosting a reception and affordable art sale to raise to mark CCPE’s 34 years of mental health outreach, as we raise £34k to support CCPE’s charitable aims in order to:

  • Advance public education in mental health
  • Conduct mental health research
  • Provide low-cost counselling to those in need

Advance ticket sales in early October.

If you are interested in contributing by helping out or donating art, please contact: Melinda Powell at: [email protected]

DRI Research Project – Request for Dreams!

In conjunction with the Alister Hardy Religious Experience Reseearch Centre (RERC), the DRI is collecting accounts of people’s spiritual or religious experiences in dreams. If you have ever had a spiritual or religious experience in a dream, and are 18 years or older,  you are invited to take part in our ‘Dream States, Spirituality and Wellbeing’ research project. Click  here to take part in the survey.

What’s on with Dreams in London and beyond?

Dream Auction Symposium

7pm, Thursday, 11th October 2018

Bongsu Park (artist), Ian Rosenfeld (the moderator), Melinda Powell (panel),

Rosenfield Porcini Gallery
37 Rathbone Street, London W1T 1NZ

(There is also an entrance to the gallery at
36 Newman Street, London W1T 1QH)

IASD Annual Conference

Over 500 dream researchers and dreamworkers are expected to attend the annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, including a group of us from DRI/CCPE. IASD’s 2019 conference will be in the Netherlands. If you are in the UK and planning to attend, please let us know via email at [email protected]

Deadlines to Be Aware Of

Call for Presentation Online Submissions Due – 15 December 2018
Early Bird Registration Discount – 31 December 2018
Poster Submissions Due – 15 February 2019
Art Entry Submissions Due – 1 March 2019
Presenters (to stay on the program) must register by 1 March 2019
Exhibiting Artists registering at the Presenter discount – 15 March
Last day for pre-ordered meals – 16 June 2019
Conference Opens (on site registrations welcome) – 21 June 2019

Please see the IASD website to submit a proposal and for more information.