Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens — Carl Jung

The Dream Research Institute is provided by the CCPE to promote research into the connection between dreams and well being from the spiritual perspective. The Institute supports a synergy of research to advance our understanding of dreams. Researchers at the DRI address such fundamental questions as:

  • the purpose and meaning of dreams
  • the contribution of dreams to mental health and wellbeing
  • the function and effectiveness of dreamwork in promoting psycho-spiritual and physical healing in a therapeutic setting.
  • the integration of the spiritual approach to dreams across psychotherapeutic approaches
  • the use of dreams to track psycho-spiritual development
  • the role of the imagination in dreams
  • the links between the lucid dream state and psycho-spiritual development
  • the neurology of states of consciousness in dreams

To explore these questions, researchers use a variety of observational, experimental, theoretical, phenomenological, and neurological approaches. Research areas include studies of the psycho-spiritual evolution of individuals reflected in dreams, accelerated healing in conscious dreaming and varieties of dream states and experiences, including lucid dreaming.

The DRI also runs professional seminars and public events on dreams.

Dream Research from the Spiritual Perspective: An interview with the DRI’s Co-Founder and Director , Dr Nigel Hamilton, and Noel Bell

Meet Our Team

Nigel Hamilton, Founding Director, DRI & CCPE, Ph.D., Dipl. Clinical Psychotherapy and Social Psychiatry.

Nigel Hamilton serves as the Founding Director of the Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy Education and the Dream Research Institute. He has run dream workshops, trainings and retreats in the UK and abroad for many years. He is the author of the recently published Awakening Through Dreams: The Journey Through the Inner Landscape (2014).

Melinda Powell, Director and Co-Founder, DRI, M.A. Psychology and Religion, Adv. Dipl. Psych., Dipl. Supervision, & Dreamwork Cert.

Melinda Powell co-founded and directs the DRI. She has also served as Vice President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Melinda has developed and teaches the practice of ‘Lucid Surrender’. Her writings on lucid dreaming have appeared in a variety of publications. She is currently researching spiritual and religious experiences in dreams.

Dave Billington, Research Development Officer, DRI, M.A., Dipl Psychotherapy, Adv. Dreamwork Cert.

Dave Billington develops research projects on dreams at the DRI. His MA from Northampton University examines the impact of the Waking Dream Process on client well-being and experience of therapy. He is currently working on expanding the scope of the original pilot study.

Marlene Botha, Course Facilitator, DRI,  M.A. Psychotherapy, Adv. Dipl. Psychotherapy, Dipl. Supervision, and Dreamwork Cert.

Marlene has a special interest in the transpersonal approach which she has shared through leading and facilitating transpersonal group-work and presenting on dream guidance through colours. Marlene is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and supervisor. She also works as a lecturer, group facilitator, and supervisor. Marlene has extensive experience of the psycho-spiritual transformation process as dreamer, dream guide, group facilitator and spiritual retreat guide. She holds a research MA in psychotherapy which focussed on the spiritual transformation of colours in dreams.