This interview with Robert Waggoner first appeared in the Lucid Dream Experience in the Spring, Volume 4, No. 1 issue.

Melinda Powell, M.A. (Psych and Religion), Dipls. Psych., Spvn. & Adv. Psych., Cert. Transpersonal Dreamwork, author of The Hidden Lives of Dreams: What They Can Tell US and How They Can Change Our Lives, 2019.

Melinda is co-founder of the Dream Research Institute. She has served as past vice-president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and as director of Help Counselling Centre. Melinda’s personal exploration of lucidity has led her to develop and teach the practice of ‘Lucid Surrender’.™ She works as a psychotherapist and her writings on lucid dreaming has appeared in a variety of publications. Her recent book, The Hidden Lives of Dreams, brings together the art and science of dreaming, including lucid dreaming, for therapeutic benefit and psycho-spiritual development, both within dreams and in waking life.

An Interview on Lucid Surrender with Melinda Powell: Interviewer Robert Waggoner