Dr Jennifer Parker is a researcher and psychologist specialising in the Psychology of Dreaming, Research Methods and the Psychology of Addiction. She is an Associate Research Fellow at The University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.

Jennifer’s theoretical basis is based in Positive Psychology and Ecotherapy. She is founder of the Dream Research Group at UWE, Bristol, UK. She has supervised both undergraduate and postgraduate research projects. She is active in her own research.

Her work has three strands:

The first focuses on the effects of living with chemical dependency. She has specialisations in behavioural addictions including the effects of growing up in a family where addiction was present, sex and love addiction, attachment styles, and many alternatives regarding the treatment of addictive behaviours.

The second focus is on dreaming, sleep, sleep paralysis, false awakenings, and she is a recognised researcher of Women’s Dreams. She has authored two books on dreaming and has many research papers and presentations focusing on various elements of dream-life.

The third, is working in a therapeutic capacity with individual clients & groups.

Most recently, Jennifer’s research has allowed her to marry her addiction expertise with dream research, and focus on dreams in the recovery of both ingestive and process addictions.

The Dream Content of Young Women Exposed to Addiction by Dr. Jennifer Parker