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The DRI is a centre for dream studies. We offer opportunities to learn about dreaming and how to get the most from your dreams and yourself using the knowledge and methods of holistic psychotherapy.

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We offer workshops, events and longer courses for the curious layperson, for professional therapists, and for advanced dreamworkers.

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Essentials of Dreamwork and Advanced Dreamwork

The Essentials of Dreamwork and Advanced Dreamwork certificates are aimed at practising psychotherapists and those in related professions. In a online group of 4-6 colleagues, you will first get in touch with your own dreams and deepen your own process. In time, you will work with one another with the support of the facilitator to develop your ability to hold deep and transformative dreamwork for clients.

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Essentials of Lucid Dreaming and Advanced Lucid Dreaming

This one-year course gives participants an opportunity to explore lucidity as a scientific phenomenon and spiritual practice both theoretically and experientially.

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Current projects

Contribute your dreams to our research projects.

Lucid Dream Experiment

The DRI and the Lucid Dream Exchange are jointly organising a new lucid dream experiment and are seeking participants who are experienced or relatively experienced lucid dreamers. The experiment will involve participants asking a few simple questions whilst lucid in a dream. They will be asked to record their experiences after each question has been asked. To participate, click the link below to email DRIinfo@ccpe.org.uk and let us know that you're interested.


Spiritual or religious experience in dreams

If you have ever had a spiritual or religious experience in a dream, tell us about it.


Our Publications

Take your learning further by delving into these books about dreaming, the nature of dreams, and working with dreams.

Melinda Powell

Lucid Surrender

Melinda Powell approaches dreams and lucid dreaming as a means to soul-awakening, a path she calls ‘Lucid Surrender’™. Her writings on dreams derive from Powell’s first-hand experience as a lucid dreamer, her professional work as a psychotherapist and her researches into dreams and dream lucidity. Her application of Carl Jung’s alchemical model to Lucid Surrender brings new dimensions to our understanding of alchemy, therapeutic practice and dream lucidity. She describes how stages similar to the alchemical process can also be consciously initiated in a lucid dream, with powerful therapeutic effect. Powell further develops Jung’s teachings on light, revisioning the reader’s understanding of darkness by illuminating the phenomenon of Black Light. She shows how lucid dreams can open us to the realm of the transpersonal.

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Melinda Powell

The Hidden Lives of Dreams

This book initiates readers into both the science and art of dreaming, offering a response to the question, ‘Why write a book about dreams, when the world faces so many crises?’ The many dreams and the therapeutic reflections on them show that the more we develop our dreamlife, the more we take root in life and come into being. When we take time to pay attention to our dreams, our compassion towards ourselves, others and the earth grows. This title is also available in Spanish. See La Vida Secreta de los Sueños.

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Nigel Hamilton

Awakening Through Dreams

Most Western approaches to dreams are limited to a psychological paradigm. Building on Jung's work, which was heavily influenced by the transformative model of alchemy, a new multidimensional approach to the process of human transformation through dreams has been developed which recognises the interrelationship of the psychological and the spiritual, and works with the mirroring body in service of both. In the approach presented here, dreams are seen as a mixture of worldly impressions and expressions of our individual spirit, which is trying to speak to us through the metaphors and narrative of our dreams. In this way, the spiritual comes through the psychological dimension. Though it may seem to be a contradiction, our dreams hold the key to our 'awakening' and, by actively engaging with them we can unlock their potential for initiating and facilitating our own unfoldment. This book is about recognising this process when it occurs in dreams, and how to work with them in the service of our growth and self-realisation.

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Robert Hoss, Katja Valli, Robert Gongloff, eds., with chapter contributions from Nigel Hamilton and Melinda Powell

Dreams: Understanding Biology, Psychology, and Culture

Whether good or bad and whether we remember them or not, each night every one of us dreams. But what biological or psychological function do dreams serve? What do these vivid images and strange storylines mean? How have psychologists, religions, and society at large interpreted dreams, and how can a closer examination of our dreams provide useful insights?

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Kelly Bulkeley and Ryan Hurd, eds.

Lucid Dreaming: New Perspectives on Consciousness in Sleep

For this pioneering two-volume anthology on lucid dreaming, Melinda Powell has contributed a chapter on a Jungian Approach to dream lucidity.

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