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Get in touch to ask about anything on the site. Please note we do not accept or respond to unsolicited manuscripts or promotional requests and we do not offer individual dream interpretation. Our DRI team is available to give talks and workshops on dreams and to contribute to publications and articles.

Sharing a dream for the Dream Boat podcast? Make sure it's brief (just a couple minutes to read out) and let us know your name, how to pronounce it, or if you'd like to remain anonymous. We love hearing your dreams but we cannot respond individually and we cannot guarantee that your dream will be shared on the podcast. Members (link above) are given preference - and that's just one advantage!

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We are located at the Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy Education on the canal of London’s Little Venice, in the historic Beauchamp Lodge:
2 Warwick Crescent
London W2 6NE

+44 (0)207 266 3006 (leave a message to the attention of the DRI)