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We offer workshops, events and longer courses for the curious layperson, for professional therapists, and for advanced dreamworkers.

Online & In-Person

Introduction to Dreamwork Certificate

The Introduction to Dreamwork certificate is awarded to those who attend and participate in a one-year experiential dream group at introductory level. Participation involves sharing and discussing your dreams and offering feedback to your colleagues as facilitated by the course leader. You do not need prior training as a counsellor or therapist to join at this level. The Introduction to Dreamwork Certificate is a good starting point for those who are interested in learning more about their own dreams and personal development based on dreamwork from a spiritual perspective.

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Online & In-person

Essentials of Dreamwork and Advanced Dreamwork

The Essentials of Dreamwork and Advanced Dreamwork certificates are aimed at practising psychotherapists and those in related professions. In a online group of 4-6 colleagues, you will first get in touch with your own dreams and deepen your own process. In time, you will work with one another with the support of the facilitator to develop your ability to hold deep and transformative dreamwork for clients.

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Essentials of Lucid Dreaming and Advanced Lucid Dreaming

This one-year course gives participants an opportunity to explore lucidity as a scientific phenomenon and spiritual practice both theoretically and experientially.

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