A New Book for a World in Need of Dreams 

The Hidden Lives of Dreams: What They Can Tell Us and How They Can Change Our World

By Melinda Powell, DRI Co-founder

Amidst a global pandemic, The Hidden Lives of Dreams offers readers the opportunity to explore how,  in such nightmarish times, our dreams can help us face our nocturnal and waking-world fears and choose how best to live. 

This book speaks to a world in need of dreams. Take it with you into the stillness imposed by the pandemic and you will re-emerge more attentive to the countless ways our dreams can help bring healing to each of us,  to humanity as a whole, and to the earth.

Has the coronavirus pandemic affected your dreams?

Share your dreams and contribute to research.

Have you noticed your dreams changing in response to the coronavirus pandemic? Whether you have dreamed of the pandemic itself, had premonitions of it or reactions to it, or if you feel that the content of your dreams has changed because of it, you can help us understand the connections between collective events and personal dreams. Submit your dream via our online survey.

DRI Research Project – Request for Dreams!

In conjunction with the Alister Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre (RERC), the DRI is collecting accounts of people’s spiritual or religious experiences in dreams. If you have ever had a spiritual or religious experience in a dream, and are 18 years or older,  you are invited to take part in our ‘Dream States, Spirituality and Wellbeing’ research project. Click  here to take part in the survey.

IASD European Regional Conference, Vilnius, Lithuania

The 6th IASD European Regional Conference which was to be held on April 25-26, 2020 in Vilnius, Lithuania, has now been postponed until 2021.

Please visit the website for more details: http://www.asdreams.org/regionals/vilnius/.

Past events

Online dream exploration and art creation

Sleep scientist Professor Mark Blagrove explores your dream while artist Dr Julia Lockheart paints images from it. Live demo and discussion.

27 June 2020, streamed online

Artist Dr Julia Lockheart and sleep scientist Professor Mark Blagrove explore your dreams with you. While an audience member discusses a recent or important dream with Mark, Julia creates an artwork that captures the dream. Afterwards the dreamer is given the finished work and can use the artwork to revisit, consider and share the dream with others. Research suggests that this process encourages insight, understanding and empathy.

Following a live demonstration of this process, Mark and Julia will talk about their work and the research behind it, and answer questions.

Tickets at Eventbrite.

DreamsID.com A psychotherapy CPD event from the Dream Research Institute.

CCPE June 2020

Ullman Technique